Venture X

Inspiring great work through visionary design

Venture X, Naples isn’t just another coworking space.

It is a luxury office environment with aspiration and achievement woven into its core. It seeks to elevate the ideas and the work of the entrepreneurial minds occupying it. It embodies the creativity and drive of the people who use it.

In short, we designed Venture X, Naples to be the future model of work.

But what makes a coworking space great?
Inspiring creativity takes more than luxurious finishes and the right furniture—it requires an understanding of the psychology behind great work. Venture X has learned about working environments through the design and construction of 50+ facilities around the world. Our designers sifted through the data and information of the lessons the Venture X team have learned over time and translated it into a design that distinguishes this office while maintaining the core Venture X brand.

Our team incorporated several core elements that governed the design language of this space:
Life. The interior space needed to come alive and reflect the outdoor elements of the surrounding coastal city.
Health. In a post-pandemic age, design had to work to protect Venture X’s tenants’ mental and physical health.
Empowerment. Mental wellness, stress relief, professional development, and simple fun needed to come together to cultivate an environment that encourages tenants to love coming to work.

How does an office space come to life?
Most of us have worked in offices that sapped our energy and drained our creativity. Our design team wanted to ensure that everyone coming to Venture X, Naples would feel motivated to achieve greatness while working in the space, so we threw away the conventional playbook when it comes to interior detailing.

You won’t find drab cubicles or empty white walls here.

We partnered with Miami-based biophilic design studio Plant the Future to create a living, breathing indoor environment with a distinctly outdoor feel. Vertical living gardens and moss walls share the office space with its tenants, bringing a lush, verdant atmosphere to the sweeping, airy common areas. Botanical table art and planters provide colorful, beautiful backdrops to conferencing spaces. Reclaimed wood and tall cacti interact with concrete and steel to create sharp, distinguished contrast.

Even the furniture reflects the aesthetic. Fabrics, finishes, and materials were all hand-picked to speak the same design language. At Venture X, Naples, every design element works to bring the space to life.

Can an office building encourage wellness?
We think so, and we think in a post-pandemic era, it is more important than ever to ensure architectural environments are promoting the health and wellness of the people using the space.
Physical wellness at Venture X, Naples begins with the incorporation of touchless technology, space planning, and pathfinding into the built environment. Our design team crafted a layout that allows Venture X, Naples members to travel from their vehicle to their desk without touching anything. Touchless doors, touchless elevators—every potential point of contamination through touch was eliminated.

We also endeavored to protect the air quality in the facility. The indoor air quality is enhanced with ultraviolet lighting, advanced filtering systems, and routine fresh air exchanges. This space works to protect its inhabitants.

How does the built environment at Venture X, Naples make work better?
Beyond protecting the physical health of its members, Venture X, Naples is designed with top-tier amenities to encourage mental wellness, creativity, and productivity.

We made sure Venture X, Naples’s members are well taken care of. Feeling stressed? Head to the meditation room. Have something you want to share with the world? Visit the podcasting booth. Need a break? Head to the café. Looking to expand your professional abilities? There’s a 40-person training room for that. By providing an unparalleled range of amenities, we’ve helped our client maintain a competitive edge through a world-class membership experience.

Venture X is designed to develop an environment and community where people love coming to work every day.

Key Project Features

  • 18,000 SF
  • Co-working spaces, private offices, meeting rooms, podcast room, wellness lounge, and cafe
  • Biophilic Design