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Babcock Ranch Neighborhood School

Babcock Neighborhood School

Sustainable design built to promote hands-on, project-based learning.

Babcock Neighborhood School is located in America’s first solar-powered town, Babcock Ranch, FL. The 25-classroom facility was designed to support a STEAM curriculum that integrates science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics within a thoughtfully provided holistic learning environment. Project-based learning is the foundation of the school’s education program. This approach to teaching engages students in actively addressing real-world problems and acquiring a deeper knowledge through their discovery of solutions.

To promote collaboration, the design team created open spaces with moveable furniture encouraging interaction and flexibility. Expansive outdoor areas urge students to explore and engage with the environment around them. The use of concrete, metals, and natural wood on the exterior and interior pushes the boundaries of traditional school design to inspire and promote creativity, while remaining consistent with the aesthetic of Babcock Ranch.

The focus on sustainability at Babcock Ranch was a driving force in designing pedestrian accessibility to the school. High efficiency building features utilizing natural light and low VOC finishes were selected to support the community’s vision and initiatives. Our team of lean professionals worked in partnership with all those involved to accomplish a Green Globes certification. Green Globes is a nationally recognized green rating assessment, guidance, and certification program that further verifies the building’s sustainable aspects.

Key Project Features

  • 48,000 SF K-8 School
  • Accommodates up to 500 students
  • Green Globes Certified