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Babcock Ranch Field House

Babcock Ranch Field House

Connecting Community, Education, and Safety: The Babcock Ranch Field House – Your All-in-One Hub

The Babcock Ranch Field House serves as an emergency shelter, a community recreation center, and a school gymnasium/cafeteria. The strategically positioned Babcock Ranch Field House is ideally situated between the K-8 school and the high school on Babcock’s campus, serving as a central hub for both educational institutions. It functions as the high school cafeteria and serves as a shared gymnasium for both schools, providing a convenient and accessible space for students and staff. The field house also doubles as a storm shelter, ensuring the safety of up to 1,343 occupants. The single-story facility offers an array of amenities, including two gymnasiums, a theater, a fitness center, a cafeteria, separate locker facilities, and a fully equipped kitchen that doubles as a teaching area for students.

The Babcock Ranch Field House fills an essential gap in the Charlotte County area, as it offers a much-needed emergency shelter and a venue for large community events. Prior to its construction, there was a shortage of Red Cross-approved shelters in Southwest Florida, and the county lacked a facility capable of accommodating significant gatherings like high school graduations and year-round sporting events. With its completion, the Babcock Ranch community now has a state-of-the-art facility that caters to their needs while providing a safe and convenient location for shelter during emergencies.

Key Project Features

  • 40,000 SF
  • Multipurpose Field House
  • Gymnasium, Cafeteria
  • Fitness Center