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FineMark Bank Headquarters

FineMark Bank Corporate Headquarters

Timeless architectural and design elements reflect the values of a trustworthy financial institution.

A prominent presence while accommodating FineMark’s rapid growth.

FineMark purchased The Atrium, a former 127,000-square-foot shopping center in South Fort Myers, in September 2018. The new location is less than a mile away from their current 20,000-square-foot building. The design for the new headquarters is being built to accommodate FineMark’s rapid growth with a prominent presence on the College-Winkler intersection where an estimated 37,200 motorists pass every day.

This 60,000 square foot facility will serve as the National Headquarters for the loan and trust bank and an additional 7,000-square-foot building that will be located on the south side of the property to be leased to other businesses. The FineMark headquarters will house banking operations, as well as offices for over 100 employees in multiple departments.

Incorporating customer focused design with natural elements to accent the space.

Our team designed the headquarters with FineMark to be centered around community relationships and transparency, which will be applied to the building’s interior as well as the exterior.

“It will be washed in natural light,” said Damon Romanello, CEO of Studio+. “We really tried to capture the essence of FineMark in the architecture. When you think of FineMark, you think of integrity. You think of stability. You think of transparency.”

Architectural elements that make a timeless statement while reflecting the values of a trustworthy and solid financial institution.

The three-story building will be positioned on a 45-degree angle so that the front door points towards the College-Winkler intersection. The building will have three floors, the first floor’s focus will be reserved for personal banking and include a commercial kitchen to prepare meals for special events. A grand lobby will be incorporated to match the elegance of the building. The third floor will have offices which include those of board members as well as FineMark’s trust and investments.

From the moment a guest steps into the building, they will be able to see directly into the banking institution. A straight line will connect the teller with the visitor at the end of the sequence of spaces. This “line” serves as the main geometrical structure for the bank, the two story lobby and the entrance to the community room. It will also echoe at the top floor in the executive suite, thus making the architectural language, spaces, and experience consistent through all floors. The regularly occupied spaces will have continuous access to natural light and to the exterior at all possible locations, arranging the space in a way that feels organized and engaging. Its surfaces speak of efficiency and professionalism. The various elements work together to create a modern office space with classic sensibility, while denoting a fresh and vital image. Timeless architectural features and finishes will contribute to the sense of security and strength expected of a high-end financial institution. The project will include recycling roughly more than 90 percent of the existing building.